VicSmart Applications

VicSmart - Fast track your permit in 10 days

Simple, straightforward and low impact planning applications may be eligible for VicSmart processing as of 19 September 2014.

Key features of VicSmart include:
  • Permit processing in 10 business days
  • Applications are not advertised
  • The information required to be submitted is pre-set by council
Does your application qualify for VicSmart?

You will need to make a pre-application appointment with the Planning team to discuss your application and find out whether it qualifies for a 10 day permit.

How do I submit a VicSmart application?

The VicSmart process involves four simple steps:

Step 1: Prepare

Step 2: Submit

Step 3: Assess

Step 4: Decide

 Call and speak to a Planning Officer. Arrange a meeting to discuss your proposal, pick up checklists and any other information before submitting your application

Submit the application to the Council with all the required information as per your discussion with the Council Planning Officer

A Council officer assesses the application against pre-set criteria

A Council officer will make a decision on the application within 10 business days