Lost and Found


Finding lost or missing pets is difficult. Often the animal is frightened, disoriented, unsure of where they are or how they got there. Registering, microchipping and having identification tags on your pet's collar gives you the highest probability that your lost pet will be returned to you.

If your pet is microchipped and registered with Council, our Ranger will call you as soon as your pet has been scanned.  We will arrange to return your pet to you as soon as possible. 

If your pet has no identifying microchip please call Council during business hours on (03) 5382 9777 (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5:00pm) if you suspect your pet has been handed over to a Ranger.  We do not offer an after-hours return service for pets who have not been registered with Council. 


Reminder: All dogs and cats, three months of age and over, must be microchipped and registered with Council by 10 April each year. Owners will be fined if they are found to have unregistered animals at their property. 

A service request can be made to report a lost or found animal.