CatNap Kitten Rescue


CatNap Kitten Rescue was formed in March 2021 by Penny Stemp, who for the previous eight years volunteered with Horsham PAWS as co-ordinator of the cat rehousing program.  CatNap is committed  to taking in cats and kittens from Horsham Rural City Council pound, as well as some direct surrenders.  

A small but dedicated group, CatNap Kitten Rescue will rehabilitate (when needed), care for and attend to all veterinary work so that all felines are rehomed desexed, vaccinated, flea and worm treated and microchipped.

CatNap encourages responsible adoption and the benefits of indoor-only cat living to reduce unwanted litters, protect the cats, reduce the spread of Feline FIV and help wildlife as well.

Contact Penny: 0402 216 267

CatNap Kitten Rescue Facebook page