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Peter Brown B Econ, Grad Dip Bus, Grad Dip LG, FCPA, LGPRO

Chief Executive

Peter Brown commenced his role as Chief Executive of Horsham Rural City Council on 1 November, 2010. Peter grew up in the Wimmera attending Goroke Primary School and Horsham College. He went on to Melbourne to attend Latrobe University where he completed a degree in Economics and upon graduating, worked for the Rural Finance Commission in Melbourne. Peter chose to return to the rural lifestyle of the Wimmera. Upon his return to Horsham, Peter began working for the former City of Horsham in 1982 and was Finance Manager for the city at the time of Council amalgamations in 1995. He went on to serve with the newly formed Horsham Rural City Council from 1995-2002, first as General Manager of Corporate Services and then later as General Manager of Corporate Services and Economic Development. 

In 2002, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Wimmera Uniting Care, a role he held for six years. 

In February, 2008 he returned to local government and moved to Warrnambool, serving as Director of Corporate Strategies with the Warrnambool City Council. On 1 November, 2010, he returned to his roots to take on his new role as Chief Operating Officer of Horsham Rural City Council.

Areas of Responsibility

As the Chief Executive, Peter is responsible for the overall management and performance of all Council operations including the $47 million budget. He provides advice to Council and ensures that the day-to-day management of Council's operations are in accordance with the Local Government Act and align with the Council Plan. Council's four Directors report directly to Peter and he is also responsible for Executive Services and the Media and Communications Unit.

The Local Government Act 1989 requires Council to appoint a person to be its Chief Executive Officer, to be responsible for ensuring that decisions of the Council are implemented; to provide advice to Council and to ensure that the day-to-day management of Council's operations is in accordance with the corporate plan. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for appointing, directing, managing and dismissing Council staff and for all other issues that relate to Council staff.


Chief Executive Officer organisational chart


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