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IN FULL by 15 February 2018 OR

FOUR INSTALMENTS over the year as follows:

1st Instalment: 2 October 2017
2nd Instalment: 30 November 2017
3rd Instalment: 28 February 2018
4th Instalment:  31 May 2018

If not paying by instalments, the full payment is required to be paid by 15 February 2018. Notices for the second, third and fourth instalments will be forwarded at least 14 days before the due dates for payment. Please note that the first instalment includes any arrears and interest. If the first instalment is not received by the due date the property will not be included on the instalment plan and rates will be payable in full by 15 February 2018.

In Person

At the Council Office at Horsham

At the Council Office at Natimuk (Thursdays only)

At any Australia Post Office

By Telephone

Call Postbillpay on 13 18 16

By Mail

Post your payment to P.O. Box 511 Horsham 3402

By Internet

Postbillpay  Use Biller code 2315

BPay Use Biller Code 87221

Electronic Delivery of Rate Notices

You can choose to receive your rate notices electronically using either of the methods below.  A paper copy of the notice will no longer be sent in the mail once you have registered for an electronic notice.

BPay ViewYou can apply through your online banking to receiv your rate notices via your online banking account.  Further information  is available on the BPAY View® website


Register at hrcc.formsport.com.au to receive your future rates notices by email

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Interest on overdue rates

Failure to pay either the quarterly instalments or payment in full by the due dates will result in interest being charged from date on which each missed instalment is due.

For those ratepayers who elect to pay in full, where payment is not made by 15 February 2018, interest will be calculated as though the rates were being paid by instalments.


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