Central Activity District Revitalisation

Lawn and plants installed on the footpath in Roberts Place

Council is currently undertaking the “CAD Revitalisation Project” to improve Horsham’s town centre (also known as the Central Activity District or CAD). The project will focus on our public spaces by identifying ways to improve our streets, footpaths, parks, laneways, plazas, pedestrian and bicycle amenities, and parking. With your help we will select and prioritise projects that will make our town a better place to live, work and play!

We intend to create the CAD Streetscape Plan with your feedback!

UrbanFold is finalising its Urban Design Analysis work and incorporating community feedback. The analysis identifies a series of opportunities within the Horsham CAD and this work will inform the next stage of the project as opportunities are explored in more detail to form the Streetscape Plan for the Horsham CAD.

Download the Draft CAD Urban Design Analysis(PDF, 14MB)

The work so far has been informed by previous community feedback (including yours), the City to River project and other Council strategic work (such as the Urban Transport Plan, Open Space Strategy and Draft Greening Greater Horsham Strategy). 

More about the project

We have appointed UrbanFold to help us with this process. They are urban designers, landscape architects and architects, who will ultimately provide us with schematic design proposals that will facilitate the future delivery of the detailed design and construction phase of the projects we identify.

This design proposals identified will reflect your feedback as a community. This will not be a document that will sit on a shelf, but rather a living, working set of design proposals that Council officers will use to guide decision making, capital investment and grant-seeking opportunities.

We recognise that we’re not starting from scratch – we have asked your opinion before on other related projects – but we want to give you the opportunity again to confirm your ideas and priorities for this project that is focused on the public areas of our town centre.

Previous feedback

We know from previous consultation that you want to see upgrades to landscaping, more trees, enhanced lighting and seating. We understand that some of you would like to see new meeting places and improved and safe access for pedestrians, particularly at the roundabouts.  

For more detail around what you’ve said in the past, please see the link to the engagement reports on this page. These are from the Draft City to River Masterplan engagement. Just keep in mind that this current project will focus on the Town Centre only (the Study Area map is also linked).

This is a chance to reconfirm your ideas. So, tell us what you think!

Next steps

The next step will be to create the Urban Design Report identifying opportunities to improve or enhance elements of the Town Centre and to seek community feedback on the opportunities identified. This will inform the next stage of the project, the Streetscape Plan.