Central Activity District Revitalisation

Lawn and plants installed on the footpath in Roberts Place

Council is currently undertaking the “CAD Revitalisation: Streetscape Plan Project” to improve Horsham’s town centre (also known as the Central Activity District or CAD). The project will focus on our public spaces by identifying ways to improve our streets, footpaths, parks, laneways, plazas, pedestrian and bicycle amenities, and parking. With your help we will select and prioritise projects that will make our town a better place to live, work and play.

We are now at an important stage of the project – The Draft Streetscape Plan

The Urban Design Analysis was the previous stage of the project, which identified the opportunities that have been brought forward into the Draft Streetscape Plan.

The Draft Streetscape Plan sets out a number of proposals to improve the city centre of Horsham including the provision of new public spaces, streetscape improvements, and urban greening opportunities (including street tree planting).

Download the Draft Streetscape Plan(PDF, 9MB)

We asked the community for feedback on the Draft Streetscape Plan and submissions closed 5pm Friday 1 April. We are now using this feedback to refine the Streetscape Plan.

UrbanFold finalised the Urban Design Analysis and Council consulted with the community, receiving a range of views and feedback. The analysis identified a series of opportunities within the Horsham CAD and this informed the development of the Draft Streetscape Plan.

Download the Draft CAD Urban Design Analysis(PDF, 14MB)

The work undertaken so far has also been informed by previous community feedback (including yours), the City to River project and other Council strategic work (such as the Urban Transport Plan, Open Space Strategy and Draft Greening Greater Horsham Strategy).

Next Steps

Council has received the community’s feedback on the Draft Streetscape Plan and Council will review the feedback and make changes where required. The community feedback will then be reported back to Council when considering whether to adopt the Streetscape Plan, and this will be based on a wide range of views and concerns and ultimately, with the objective of revitalising the Horsham city centre through a series of streetscape and public realm projects.