Lost and Found


Lost or Found Animals

Finding lost or missing pets is difficult. Often the animal is frightened, disoriented, unsure of where they are or how they got there. Registering, microchipping and having identification tags on your pet's collar gives you the highest probability that your lost pet will be returned to you.

If your pet is microchipped and registered with Council, a Community Safety Officer will call you as soon as your pet has been scanned, so please ensure your details are up to date with Council. We will then arrange to return your pet as soon as possible. 

A service request can be made by clicking the below link to report an animal you have lost or found. Please describe the animal in as much detail as possible to help the Community Safety Officers reunite the animal with their owners.

If your pet has no identifying microchip please call Council during business hours on (03) 5382 9777 (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5pm) if you suspect your pet has been handed over to a Community Safety Officer. 

Note: We do not offer an after-hours return service for pets who have not been registered with Council.

Reminder: All dogs and cats, three months of age and over, must be microchipped and registered with Council by 10th April each year. Owners may be infringed if they are found to have unregistered animals at their property. 

Report lost or found animals


Horsham Pound & Fees

The Horsham Rural City Pound is staffed in the morning at approximately 8:30am and in the afternoon at 4:00pm for cleaning, feeding and the return of animals to owners. Please ensure you arrange with Council prior to attending the pound for any reason by calling Customer Service on 03 5382 9777.

Horsham Council's animal pound is located at: 124 Golf Course Road, Horsham.

Common Pound Fees can be found below:

Pound Release Fees

Pound Release:  
  • First Release – Within business hours
  • First Release – Outside business hours  

  • Second Release
  • Third and any subsequent release
Additional fee if animal involved in an attack $180


* Animals must be microchipped and registered with Council for free release to apply.

Feeding & Cleaning Fees

Feeding and Cleaning Charge per day:  
  • First 24 hours on a weekday  
  • Additional weekday
  • Weekend or public holiday

Replacement Registration Tags

Replacement registration tag for Cat or Dog:  
  • First replacement

  • Subsequent replacement  

Surrender Fees

Animal Surrender:  
  • If surrendered directly to Pound 

  • If animal is found at large and subsequently surrendered  

Veterinary Fees

Veterinary Fees   
  • Cost + 30%
Transport Fees (within municipality)    
  • $40

Hire Fees

Cat Trap Hire:
  • First two weeks  
  • Subsequent weeks
  $17.50 per week
  • If not returned, or if collected by Council  
Barking Dog Control Device:  
  • First two weeks

  • Subsequent weeks
  • If not returned, or if collected by Council