Seek Planning Advice

Seeking advice from Council, or a Planning Consultant may save significant time and help you understand if you need a Planning Permit. It will also help you understand what is required so you avoid costly mistakes. Council can provide information and advice in the following ways:

Online Planning Information

Our website will guide you at each step in the Planning Permit process. Click on any of the links below for further information.

This information is critical for you to understand what is required and how you can get advice from Council and other authorities in the process.

Free General Advice

Council offers free general planning advice. Click on the button below and complete the General Planning Enquiry Form and our Planning Team will contact you to discuss your proposal and provide general advice.

Planning Enquiry - General Advice

Pre-Application Meetings

A pre-application meeting seeks to give advice on more complex Planning applications before they are formally submitted. Council recommends booking a pre-application meeting during the design process so we can help you to resolve issues that might arise during the formal application.

Face-to-face pre-application meeting are suited to complex development proposals, but if your proposal is straight forward you should complete either the General Advice or Written Planning Advice forms above. A Planning Officer will contact you regarding your proposal.