Burnt Creek Industrial Estate

The Burnt Creek Industrial Estate plans to become one of the greenest industrial estates in Victoria. The estate is located on Burnt Creek Drive, Bungalally nearby the Horsham Regional Livestock Exchange and is about 182 hectares of Council owned developable land. Below is a map of the proposed subdivision of the site.



Onsite Infrastructure 

  • Electricity - Three phase power is available adjacent to the site boundary to the Western Highway
  • Drainage  - A limited capacity drainage system adjoins the lots. There may be a requirement for on-site detention depending on the extent of development of impermeable surfacing on the lots
  • Water  - An existing water supply main is being constructed adjacent to Burnt Creek Drive. This supply is non-potable
  • Sewerage - The site is not serviced by sewerage infrastructure, a septic system would need to be considered
  • Gas - Existing gas infrastructure is available adjacent to the site boundary.

Burnt Creek Estate Landscaping Concept Plan(PDF, 27MB) 

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