Central Activity District Community Reference Group

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The purpose of the Horsham City Centre Central Activity District (CAD) Community Reference Group is to provide support, advice and guidance to the project manager, consultants and Council for delivery of the CAD Revitalisation: Streetscape Plan projects.

Vacancies currently exist for the following positions:

  • 2 x Hospitality business owner
  • 1 x Retail business owner 

Apply for Membership

Membership will include a maximum of 12 members and a minute taker.

The CAD Community Reference Group membership includes:

  • One Business Owner/Operator within the CAD precinct,
  • Two Business Operators in  Retail within the CAD precinct
  • Two Business Operators in hospitality within the CAD precinct
  • Two WestVic Business Members
  • One Resident living within the CAD precinct
  • One Resident who lives outside the municipality whose main shopping centre is Horsham
  • One Youth Council (Rep)
  • One Older Persons Advisory Group (Rep)
  • One Mobility Advisory Group (Rep)

Membership will reflect and comply with Council’s equity and inclusion policy and procedures.

Paper based application forms are available at Customer Service in the Civic Centre and completed forms can be submitted there.

Membership is anticipated to be from March 2023 to September 2025.

If a member is unable to attend three or more consecutive meetings, they will be contacted and if required, a new member identified. The group representatives will be nominated by the respective groups.

The selection criteria will be based on the nature of the project and include the following.

  • Regular involvement in and an awareness of the issues being considered by the CRG
  • A willingness to work with others and share decision making to achieve improved outcomes
  • An ability to represent a broad range of views that reflect the diversity of the community
  • A willingness to contribute to meetings in a fair and unbiased manner
  • A capacity to commit to the Committee for the duration of the term of membership

Meetings will be held monthly and the duration of the meeting will be no longer than 1.5 hours.

Map of Central Activity District

A map showing the central streets of Horsham