Investment Opportunities

Why Horsham?

Horsham is at an exciting point in its development. With emerging agricultural innovation, education and technology, Horsham possesses the perfect platform and facilities that enable the development of new industry. Coupled with affordable and available industrial land being supported by a strong agricultural base and a significant freight and logistics terminal, there is no better place to invest in now.

Download our Investment Attraction Strategy(PDF, 4MB)  and Investment Attraction Prospectus(PDF, 658KB)

Horsham is Investment Ready

The Horsham region has the benefit of having three key sites ready for development, which will be supported by upgrades to the nearby Wimmera Intermodal Freight Terminal. As well as this, plans for alternative truck routes will ensure more efficient transport of goods. These upgrades will further increase the export capabilities of the region. These sites are shovel and investment ready and can provide large benefits to the local economy through new employment and value-add opportunities.