General rules

There are planning and building Acts/regulations that control the building and management of fences, this includes their height and building material

Fences that adjoin side and rear property lines do not require a building permit if constructed under 2.0 metres in height. Front fences constructed of brick or stone above 1.2 metres in height and timber and steel fences above 1.5 metres high require a building permit.

Fencing located on the front and side street boundaries of a corner property cannot exceed 1.0 metres in height when within 9.0 metres of the intersection of street alignments. If there is a need for the fence to be higher, a report and consent will be required from the Municipal Building Surveyor.

Report and Consent

You can apply for a report and consent if you are planning a fence that does not comply with building regulation requirements, as building regulations can allow for some flexibility in fence height. Consents for fences are assessed against the Minister's Guideline MG-12 with the objective of ensuring that the front fence design respects the existing or preferred character of the neighbourhood and is consistent with the prevailing heights, setbacks and design of existing front fences on nearby allotments

Further information

The Dispute Settlement Centre Victoria (DSCV) can provide further information on Fencing. The DSCV may be able to assist with a range of dispute resolution services should you not be able to come to an agreement with your neighbour. 

DSCV website

You can also contact DSCV at the Ballarat Justice Service Centre on 43017000 or Horsham on 4344 1444.

Ballarat Justice Service Centre
206 Mair Street
Ballarat VIC 3350


Notice to Fence form(PDF, 44KB)
Form to inform your neighbour of your need to fence
Fence on Boundary(PDF, 122KB)
Information on fencing a boundary