Road Reserve Permits



Horsham Rural City Council is the coordinating road authority for its (local) road reserves. Many other service authorities have rights to install and alter their infrastructure in road reserves.  The general public also have rights to travel along these roads and as the responsible road authority Council must oversee works being undertaken.

General Public wanting to carry out work or alter things in a road reserve need to ensure that their works do not cause problems for others, both during the installation or by the new components in the street. Thus Council needs to consider and approve any works in a road reserve by private people.

All proposed works within the road reserve require a permit to be taken out, including:

  • Vehicle Crossing Construction
  • Road Openings
  • Hoardings and Overhead Awnings
  • Development & Planting within Road Reserve.
  • Occupation of Road and Footpath

The appropriate form must be filled out along with a drawing or description of the proposed works to be assessed for approval.

Road Opening Permits

A works within road reserve permit is required prior to any works being undertaken on Council managed road reserves within the Horsham Rural City Council. This is to ensure that Council's road reserves are protected and reinstated to their original state after works have been carried out in the road reserve.

Examples of activities requiring a permit include:

  • Footpath and kerbing replacement
  • Stormwater drainage installations
  • Vehicle crossing construction and modification
  • Installation of public utilities
  • Road works
  • Tree planting/removal
  • Structures on nature strips/road reserves.

To apply for a permit, click on link below and fill out form. Please allow 5 business days for assessment of application. 

Online Permit Application Form

Fees and Charges

Work type Type of opening Minimum Charge
Opening Gravelled surface $85
Opening Bitumen or concrete footpath $85
Opening Removal of kerb and channel $85
Opening Sealed roadways $85
Opening Established nature strip (major work only) $85
Opening Tap into storm water drain $85
Boring Boring under road (no disturbance to road) $85 
Vehicle Crossing Construction of kerb crossing (2 inspections required) $85
Special Work Road closure etc $65
Construction Construction of storm water drain $85


Vehicle Crossing Construction

The construction of a new crossover or additions / alterations to the existing needs to be applied for and a drawing of the proposed crossover submitted for approval. Although a crossover is constructed on Council land, it is to be constructed and maintained at the owners cost.


Development and Planting within the Road Reserve

Any proposed development, planting or structures within the road reserve need to be assessed and approved by Council. A detailed drawing showing the proposed alterations is to be submitted to Council along with the relevant permit fee.

For Planting within the Road Reserve, please contact our Operations Manager on (03) 5382 9600. 

Occupation of a road

For all other developments or proposed occupation of a road (eg for an event), please contact our Assets Engineer or Infrastructure Manager on (03) 5382 9777.