Abandoned Shopping Trolleys


Animals/Domestic Birds and Poultry




Open Air Burning and Incinerators

Recreational Vehicles

Removal of Wood

Street Parties/Festivals/Circus

Toy Vehicles

Trading Activities


Abandoned Shopping Trolleys: Shopping trolleys must not be abandoned on a road or in a municipal place. To report an abandoned trolley, please call the below numbers depending on which brand the trolley belongs to:

Kmart:  1800 876 553

Target:  1800 163 900

Coles Trolley Collect:  1800 692 653

Woolworths:  1800 641 497 (Trolley Tracker)

Alcohol: Unless otherwise authorised by Council and at premises licensed under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, a person must not consume any alcohol or have in his or her possession any alcohol in an unsealed container at any time on a road, car-park, in a motor vehicle (parked on a road or in a public car-park) or Council land affected by such prescription, unless otherwise permitted under an Act.

Animals/Domestic Birds and Poultry: A permit may be required to keep Animals/Domestic Birds and Poultry depending on the type of animal, size of land and number of animals.

A person in charge of a dog in a public place must carry the means to collect faeces deposited by the animal and also remove and hygienically dispose of the faeces deposited by the animal.

Any person in charge of a dog must ensure the dog is secured by a chain, cord or leash except in an area prescribed by Council as an off leash area where the person must keep the dog under effective control.

Busking: A permit must be obtained from Council.

Camping: A person must not camp on road, road related area or Council land except in an area prescribed as an area for the purpose of camping.

Fireworks: Without a permit, fireworks displays or ignition of fireworks on a municipal place or public place is prohibited.

A permit must be applied for at least 14 days before the proposed fireworks display.

Open Air Burning and Incinerators: Unless approved under an Act or otherwise prescribed by Council - a person must not light a fire in the open air in either the urban area or on Council land, unless - the fire is for the purpose of meal preparation or personal comfort and accords with the conditions in section 38A(1)(a) of the Country Fire Authority Act 1958;

Smoke and ash from open-air burning is becoming less acceptable due to health and amenity concerns and alternatives to burning are encouraged, such as mulching and re-use of wood.  

Recreational Vehicles: Except in an area prescribed as an area for the purpose, a person must not on road, road related area or Council land cause, allow or suffer a recreational vehicle to be used.

Removal of Wood: Without a permit a person must not collect wood from a Council managed road or a municipal place.

Street Parties/Festivals/Circus: A permit must be obtained from Council.

Toy Vehicles: Skateboards and the like must not be used in the Horsham Central Business District.

Trading Activities: Without a permit a person must not display, sell or offer for sale, any vehicle or goods including raffle tickets, on a road or municipal place.