Delegations and Authorisations

Delegations are powers, duties and functions of Council that are delegated to members of Council staff via a formal resolution of Council.

The Local Government Act 2020 allows Council and the Chief Executive Officer to delegate certain powers, duties and functions under any Act administered by Council to members of staff, via a written Instrument of Delegation.

The Instrument of Delegation or Authorisation is documentary evidence of the delegation given to a staff member or their appointment as an authorised person. Delegations are a very effective means of streamlining decision-making and enabling Council to concentrate on broad strategic issues rather than administrative and routine matters. 

Council must keep public registers of delegations of its powers, duties or function

From Council to Chief Executive Officer

To the Chief Executive Officer and members of any delegated committees

From the Chief Executive Officer to members of Council staff.

S5-Instrument-of-delegation-Council-to-CEO-Council-Resolution-27-Mar-2023.pdf(PDF, 241KB)

S6-Instrument-of-Delegation-Members-of-Staff-Council-Resolution-25-Mar-2024(PDF, 927KB)

For further further information about Council's delegations and authorisations, please ring the Governance Department on 03 5382 9777 or