Infrastructure Guidelines

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Council is committed to achieving 'best value' for its municipal infrastructure, particularly for new land development projects and has currently adopted in principle the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) produced by the Local Government Design Association, a not-for-profit agency comprising many Victorian Local Government Authorities, as the infrastructure design standard for HRCC.

Download IDM 

Download Land Development Process Flow Chart(PDF, 209KB)

Developers and Engineers who are interested in using a design standard other than the above minimum, are invited to begin discussions with the Manager of Infrastructure on their proposed design standards and principles. Contact Technical Services on 03 5382 9777 during normal office hours to make an appointment.

Infrastructure Specifications

Council is considering on using Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) as its standards in the future.

In 2004, Council engaged TTM Consulting Pty Ltd to prepare a strategic bicycle plan for Horsham (Horsham Municipal Bicycle & Shared Path Plan 2012-2016(PDF, 2MB)). Since that time there has been significant progress in the construction of priority bicycle paths, both on-road and off road, however a further review is now required to assess progress and determine future priority works.