Request new or additional bin, or change your bin size


If you find your landfill (red lid), recycling or green waste bin fills before waste collection day you can request an extra bin or a larger bin.

Prices are per financial year:

  • Upgrade landfill 120L to 240L - no charge
  • Additional Red Landfill 120L - $140
  • Additional Red Landfill 240L - $140
  • Additional Yellow co-mingled recycle 240L - $140
  • Additional Green Organics 240L - $140
  • Additional Purple glass bin 120L - $80

To upsize your general waste bin from 120 litres to 240 litres please complete the form via the link below.

Upsize general waste bin

For all other bin requests please call 53829777. 

Please note: Bin requests must be completed by the ratepayer or with permission of the ratepayer. If additional fees are required, they will be added to your rates notice.