Social Media Guidelines

We encourage your comments and input via our social media channels, but ask that you please behave in a responsible, respectful manner. If necessary, we will review and remove any comments that are:

  • Defamatory, or otherwise unlawful or that it violates laws regarding harassment, discrimination, racial vilification, privacy or contempt
  • Intentionally false or misleading
  • An infringement of intellectual property rights including copyright
  • Abusive, offensive or obscene
  • Inappropriate, off topic, repetitive or vexatious. Council also reserves the right to reject contributions from participants who seek to dominate the discussion
  • Compromising the privacy of any person or containing inappropriate personal information
  • Compromising public health
  • Seeking to endorse commercial products or services
  • Seeking to directly solicit donations
  • A deliberate provocation of other community members or
  • Impersonating someone else and/or posting on behalf of a suspended profile.

People who repeatedly breach these guidelines will be blocked. If the breach is considered to be serious, we may choose to block users immediately and harmful content will be removed as soon as practicable. 

Please note that due to staffing resources, reviewing, moderating and replying to posts will generally occur during our regular business hours of Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm. Any posts submitted outside these times will receive a response as soon as possible the following business day.

Where appropriate staff may acknowledge the deletion of content with a comment such as “This comments thread has had comment(s) removed by a moderator because they didn't abide by Council’s social media policy".

Council may also opt to limit the ability for people to comment on certain posts.

If you have a problem or concern, you can submit an online form here.