Horsham Planning Scheme

Planning schemes set out policies and provisions for the use, development and protection of land for an area. Each municipality in Victoria is covered by a planning scheme

These are legal documents prepared by the local council or the Minister for Planning and are approved by the Minister.

A planning scheme is binding on all people and corporations on every Minister, government department, public authority and municipal council.

Horsham Planning Scheme

Planning Scheme Ordinances

Planning Scheme Ordinances are the policies and written clauses that control land use and development. They include the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), Planning Policy Framework (PPF), Zones, Overlays and Particular Provisions that affect how a lot can be used and developed. Each ordinance has a number associated with it, for example, the ordinance number associated with the General Residential Zone is '32.08'. The tabs below outline key aspects of the Planning Scheme Ordinance.

02 - Municipal Planning Strategy

Each Council has a unique Municipal Planning Strategy and can help shape the individuality of a region. The Municipal Planning Strategy is considered with every planning permit application.

The Municipal Planning Strategy is a local strategy that encompasses the following:

10 - Planning Policy Framework

The Planning Policy Framework (PPF) encompasses different aspects that must be considered in any Planning Application. These include:

  • Clause 11 - Settlement
  • Clause 12 - Environmental and Landscape Values
  • Clause 13 - Environmental Risks and Amenity
  • Clause 14 - Natural Resource Management
  • Clause 15 - Built Environment and Heritage
  • Clause 16 - Housing
  • Clause 17 - Economic Development
  • Clause 18 - Transport
  • Clause 19 - Infrastructure

Each Clause listed above have further sub-clauses. For example, under the umbrella of Clause 16 - Housing, is Clause 16.01-3S - Rural Residential Development and Clause 16.01-3L - Rural Residential development - Horsham. In this instance, the "S" stands for "State". This means the policy is included in every planning scheme in Victoria. The "L" stands for "Local". This means that the particular Clause is localised and only relevant for Horsham.

30 - Zones

Every property only has one zone.  Zones aim to avoid conflict between different types of land uses and ensure development is appropriate for an area. Common zones include:

  • Residential zones (such as the General Residential Zone (GRZ), Township Zone (TZ), Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ).
  • Industrial zones (such as the Industrial 1 Zone (IN1Z) and Industrial 3 Zone (IN3Z).
  • Commercial zones (such as the Commercial 1 Zone (C1Z) or Commercial 2 Zone (C2Z).
  • Rural zones (such as the Rural Living Zone (RLZ) and the Farming Zone (FZ).
  • Public Land zones (such as the Public Use Zone (PUZ), Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ), Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ).

If you click on any of the links associated with the Zones above, you may notice that these Zones have 'Schedules'. These 'Schedules' are unique to Horsham and aim to localise the Planning Scheme for our region.

If you want further information on any of these zones or are looking to prepare a Planning Permit application, please visit the Planning Information & Fact Sheets page.

40 - Overlays

Overlays operate in addition to zones.  An overlay may seek to achieve certain design and building standards for a lot. Some of the different overlays are outlined below:

  • Environmental and Landscape Overlays (such as the Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO), and Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO).
  • Heritage and Built Form Overlays (such as the Heritage Overlay (HO), Design and Development Overlay (DDO) and Development Plan Overlay (DPO).
  • Land Management Overlays (such as the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO), Land Subject to Inundation (LSIO), and the Floodway Overlay (FO).

Not all lots are subject to an overlay. If an overlay applies to a lot, it may specify additional requirements in relation to subdivisions, buildings and works, vegetation removal and other matters.

Just like Zones, Overlays also have 'Schedules'. These 'Schedules' are specific to Horsham and also aim to localise the Planning Scheme for our region.

If you want further information on any of these overlays or are looking to prepare a Planning Permit application, please visit the Planning Information & Fact Sheets page.

Find out what Zones & Overlays apply to your land!

You can search your property address here to generate a Planning Property Report and to view the zones and overlays that apply to your property.

You can also visit VicPlan for an interactive map that shows both the zones and overlays applying to your land.

If you need further assistance to generate a Planning Property Report, please visit the Generate a Planning Property Report page.