Onsite Wastewater Management


Council manages the installation of onsite wastewater management systems, septic tanks, that are used for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater onsite when sewerage is not available.

If reticulated sewerage is available to a lot then the buildings on that lot must connect to reticulated sewerage.

Onsite wastewater management is overseen by the Environment Protection Authority, who approve wastewater systems suitable for the treatment of wastewater under 5,000L per day.

The Code of Practice for Onsite Wastewater Management(PDF, 720KB) provides the legislative framework and relevant information on the installation of onsite wastewater management systems.

Australian Standard 1547:2012 also provides the relevant design criteria for the construction and installation of an onsite wastewater management system

Any person who installs or alters an onsite wastewater management system must first obtain a permit from Council to install or alter and must not use a system until the permit to use has been issued.

Installing an Onsite Wastewater Management System

To obtain a permit you will need to complete an application form and provide:

  • Details of the building
  • Details of the proposed system
  • Plans of the proposed system
  • Floor Plans of the building
  • Locality Plan of the lot
  • Land Capability Assessment (if available)

A land capability assessment is not required for every application, however if a land capability assessment is not provided, Council will calculate the required disposal area as provided in AS 1547:2012. This calculation is based on the number of rooms in the building and is conservative, by undertaking a land capability assessment you may be able to reduce this area.

Septic Tank Permit Application Form


Maintenance of a septic system is the responsibility of the property owner. Septic tanks should be pumped out every 3 years to ensure that they maintain their efficiency and to avoid potential failures. Packaged Treatment plant systems require quarterly maintenance to ensure that they are working efficiently and maintaining a high level of treatment. More information regarding septic tank maintenance(PDF, 321KB).

The planting of vegetation is an important step in the performance and maintenance of an onsite wastewater management system. This document will provide you with plant species(PDF, 348KB) that are appropriate to plant on and around an onsite wastewater management system.

For more information on waste water see the Environment Protection Authority's Website.