Building Permits


Whether your just starting out as an owner builder or whether you are a large construction or design firm, we can help you achieve your building goals

When do you need a Building Permit?

A building permit is generally required for all forms of building work. Check out the VBA Building Permit Fact Sheet(PDF, 292KB) for common types of building work that require a building permit.

Note: although a building permit may not be required for some minor work, the owner of a building or land must still comply with building regulations.

You might also need a planning permit for your proposed building work (including fences, antennas, masts, carports, garages and the removal of vegetation).

How do I get a Building Permit?

A Building Surveyor is responsible for issuing a Building Permit at the commencement of a building project.  The surveyor should be engaged at the very start of the process, and can advise on documentation necessary to obtain the Permit.

After the Building Permit is issued, the building surveyor will carry out a series of inspections at different stages throughout the project to ensure that the building work meets minimum standards.

Download Building Permit application(DOCX, 69KB) form

Information Sheets

Carport, garage or shed(PDF, 453KB)
Demolish or remove a building(PDF, 555KB)
Extension or alteration(PDF, 659KB)
Swimming pool(PDF, 463KB)
New dwelling and re-erection(PDF, 470KB)

Lodge a Building Permit Application online

Once you have the required information, Lodge and track your application online



What fees will I pay?

Fees for building permits are required as part of the application process under the Building Act. These fees are required to be paid at the time of lodgement of the application.  Please contact Council's building department for advice on your project's building fees.