Natimuk Economic and Social Plan

A harvester working in front of the cliffs of Mount Arapiles

The Natimuk Economic and Social Plan aims to address issues and concerns within the community and create a plan to improve the economy and liveability within the town.

Prior to Covid 19, Natimuk was a popular tourist destination and had a thriving arts community. The Natimuk Economic and Social Plan was developed in response to the affects of Covid, with innovation and a vision to meet the challenges within the Tourism and Arts Sector along with the wellbeing of the general community.

Following a period of public engagement and an extensive feedback period, the Natimuk Economic and Social Plan 2022 was produced, and has now been adopted by Council.  


A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) will work with Council staff and prioritise the identified actions within the plan. The four strategic objectives associated with the Plan are:

  1. Boosting business, tourism and the economy
  2. An environmentally sustainable community
  3. Improved recreation
  4. Improved relationships 

Applications have been sought and filled for the following positions on the Project Advisory Committee that will assist Council to implement the plan: 

  • One Business Owner/Operator within the Natimuk CAD Precinct
  • One member with an interest in tourism
  •  One member with an interest in sustainability and the environment
  •  One member with and interest in recreation
  • One older person (60 + years)
  •  One younger person (16-25 years) 


Latest News:

Nati PAC Photo.jpg


L-R: Jed Haustorfer, Brian Klowss, Bill Lovel, Shaun Taylor, Alex Williams, Gary Rassmussan

The Natimuk Economic and Social Plan Project Advisory Committee has begun meeting with two meetings held in November.

You may have seen us walking the streets last week as we were identifying potential locations for additional outdoor seating and a new bus shelter. Council will also conduct some maintenance on existing seating in need of repair.

Group members will be talking to the nursing home to gather information about where there may be an additional need for seating between their facility and the town centre.

We are also investigating the best location for an EV Charging Station that will accommodate tourists and rapidly charge electric vehicles.