Creative Horsham 2023-2026

The entrance to the Horsham Town Hall

Creative Horsham (The Plan) is the creative strategy for Horsham Rural City for 2023-2026, and follows the previous Arts & Culture Strategy which ran from 2014-18.

The Strategy has five themes which guide activity:

1. Destination: entice visitors to the region with a compelling offer of things to do and see in and around Horsham

2. Participation: ensure that everyone can make, do or see art and culture in the Horsham region

3. Venues: our places of Arts and Culture serve the Horsham community

4. Partnerships: support the people and organisations we make Arts and Culture with

5. Communications: celebrate and coordinate the way we tell our stories

Delivery of these five themes will contribute to the Vision for Creative Horsham which builds on the existing Community Vision: Arts & culture contributes to making the Horsham region a vibrant, liveable hub that thrives on strong economic growth and social connectedness.

Extensive community engagement has been conducted in the development of the draft. This commenced with the formation of an initial Project Advisory Group prior to COVID. During COVID, participation declined with feedback from members suggesting targeted and thematic consultation was of greater relevance. 

Submissions closed on 9am, Monday 7 August.

The submissions will now be considered and a report to Council prepared.