Road Management Plan

Trucks doing Roadworks at Brimpaen on unsealed road

Submissions are now closed. Thank you to everyone who made a submission.

Council considered the Road Management Plan at the meeting on 25 October 2021 and adopted the plan.

Download the Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Download the report to Council(PDF, 221KB)

The Road Management Plan establishes the minimum maintenance standards Council aims to achieve in relation to its road network (rural and urban). This includes aspects like:

  • The frequency of inspection of different classes of roads and footpaths
  • The level of defects at which an intervention is triggered
  • The response time for different types of defects.

This plans therefore covers the following three inter-related components.

  • Road Hierarchy each road in the rural network (other than Arterial Roads, e.g. highways) is classified as Minor, Access, Collector or Link, based on level of use.
  • Service Standards for each class of road, a set of standards for construction and maintenance are defined.
  • Maintenance Regime will outline the target levels of maintenance and condition rating that can be expected for each road classification.


Submissions are now closed. Thank you to everybody who made a submission. An engagement report will now be prepared and presented to Council.

The Road Management Plan is a document that describes the responsibilities for road management, including those of Council, landowners and a range of utilities. For Council, it also identifies the thresholds at which a defect in the road or its surrounds triggers a maintenance response, and the timeframe for those responses. There have been a lot of changes to this document since the last version, so these are shown highlighted as “tracked changes”.

Associated with the Road Management Plan is the road register which lists Council’s roads and the classification in the hierarchy that they sit in. There are maps which also shows these classifications, one for rural areas of the municipality and one for Horsham urban area.

Download the Road Management Plan 


Council was seeking feedback from the community about the Road Management Plan, in relation to:

  • Whether the roads you are familiar with have the appropriate classification in the hierarchy (refer to the maps of hierarchy for urban and rural areas)
  • Whether the maintenance levels in the Road Management Plan are appropriate, e.g. the triggers for action and the response time.
  • Other aspects of the Road Management Plan document.

 Note that the Road Management Plan applies in urban and rural areas, hence comments on this were sought from residents across the municipality.

Submissions closed at midday on Friday 10 September 2021.