Horsham Flight Hub Masterplan


Council has started work on a Regional City Flight Hub Master Plan which will guide development of the Horsham Aerodrome for the next 20 to 50 years.

The aerodrome is currently used by general aviation and the local aero club, two gliding clubs, crop dusting firms, charter aircraft, air ambulances, as a DELWP air base to support fire-fighting and occasional military aircraft.

Completing a Masterplan is an important first step before Council could attract external funding to enable the Wimmera's primary air service centre to expand its capabilities as a regional flight hub.

Community Demand for flights from and to Horsham

To better understand the future potential use of the aerodrome, we need to know if our community might be interested in using commercial flights in the future.

The survey has now closed and a report summarising the results will be available soon.