Horsham Theatre Conservation Management Plan

Council is undertaking a conservation management plan for the Horsham Theatre. 


What is a Conservation Management Plan?

A Conservation Management Plan (CMP) is an important piece of work which provides management and conservation guidance for a building/place. The Horsham Theatre is an important heritage and community asset within the Horsham Rural City Council municipality, and provides a venue for ongoing community use. The CMP also explores and assesses potential opportunities for the place, as well as acknowledging any constraints that exist.

It is important to take a holistic approach to the preservation and management of heritage buildings, and the CMP provides a valuable framework for achieving this. The assessment of the building's current condition, the identification of ongoing maintenance tasks, and the provision of a schedule for strategic project planning and budgeting are all critical components of the CMP. By doing so, the CMP helps ensure that the building is well maintained and preserved for future generations to enjoy

Conservation Studio is Council's Heritage Consultant preparing the CMP. They are assessing the Horsham Theatre based against the criteria for State listed heritage places. The eight criterions are as follows:

Criterion A           Historical importance

Criterion B           Rarity or uniqueness

Criterion C           Potential to yield information (e.g. archaeological evidence)

Criterion D           Representativeness

Criterion E           Aesthetic or architectural characteristics

Criterion F            Scientific or technical innovations

Criterion G           Social significance

Criterion H           Association with person or group of persons

Understanding public value

The Horsham Theatre is a popular and important entertainment venue for Horsham residents and the wider Wimmera region. 

Intangible attributes such as the use of the theatre as a cinema and memories of experiences at the cinema underpin the social value of the Horsham Theatre and are just as important as protecting important heritage fabric and a critical part of the overall heritage significance of the place.  

Community Consultation is central to ascertaining the community interest and provides the ability to commemorate, celebrate, access and engage in local heritage. Celebrating heritage contributes to the identity and social cohesion, and the Horsham Theatre is located at the heart of community distinctiveness. It is also important to promote and provide accessible information about heritage places and objects as this is critical in creating an environment in which heritage is valued, managed and celebrated.

Community consultation has now closed as of Friday 25 August 2023. Council would like to thank community members for their insight, memorabilia (e.g. posters, photographs, personal stories and other historical documents) and fond memories of the Horsham Theatre. Your contributions will assist Conservation Studio in preparing the Conservation Management Plan and also in addressing more specifically criterions A, B and G.