Disability Services

1. Overview

Council is committed to focusing on community inclusion and improving access for residents and visitors. We do this by listening to residents that face barriers to accessing community life, understanding their needs and implementing their suggestions. We aim to educate ourselves and the wider community about how we can consider the needs of people with a disability so they have equal access and are included in activities of their choice.

2. Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2023 - 2026

HRCC’s Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2023 - 2026 identifies the steps we are taking to improve access and inclusion for people with a disability and others.

Download the plan below 

Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2023 - 2026(PDF, 3MB)

Easy Read Version(PDF, 3MB)

3. Accessible events

Council has developed an Accessible Events Guide(PDF, 2MB) to help organisers to make their facility or event more inclusive and accessible to all abilities.

It covers key areas including venue checklists, signage, marketing, presenters requirements, contingency planning and emergency procedures

For more information please contact Horsham Rural City’s Project Officer Community Inclusion on 5382 9777.

4. Disability Advisory Committee

Applications for people to join the Disability Advisory Committee closed on 24 November, 2023. 

Recommendations for filling vacancies on the committee will be made to Council and will be resolved at the January Council meeting.

Following this all applicants will be contacted by Council and will be notified if their application was successful or unsuccessful.

The purpose of the Disability Advisory Committee is to provide support and advice to Council to ensure the needs of people living with disability are considered. 

For information on the committee, please contact our Community Inclusion Officer.

- Daniel Rees (daniel.rees@hrcc.vic.gov.au / 5381 9777). 

Membership on the committee will include:

- six people with lived experience of disability

- two people who work in the disability sector

- two people who are a carer of a person with disability. 

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference(DOCX, 57KB)

Terms of Reference (Easy English)(DOC, 758KB)

5. Access to Toilets and Changing Places

Information on the location and facilities at public toilets within Horsham can be found via this link (clicking on the toilet icons will provide information on what services are at that site): Public Toilet Map 

In Australia standard accessible toilets do not meet the needs of all people with a disability and their carers. To improve access to amenities for these people, Changing Places toilets were designed.

Changing Places toilets have extra features and more space to meet needs of people who have complex mobility issues. Features of a Changing Place include a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench, a tracking hoist system and an accessible toilet with enough space to move around.

There is one Changing Places toilet in Horsham Rural City, it is at May Park.

Changing Places toilets are generally locked therefore you will need to apply for an MLAK. The MLAK is a master key that fits into specially designed locks allowing 24 hour a day access to any registered Changing Places facility across Australia. An MLAK will open any approved changing places toilet. You will need to bring your own sling.

You can apply to get an MLAK by completing the Changing Places Form submitting it. The other option is to go to ask reception staff at Horsham Rural City Council for a code to access the toilet.

Further information can be found on the Changing Places Website

6. National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national program that is providing a new way of delivering services and support to people under 65 who live with a permanent and significant disability.

Accessing the NDIS

If you wish to participate in the NDIS, you must first be assessed against the access requirements.

Contact details and other information is available on the NDIS website.

Who is the local NDIS Partner?

Latrobe Community Health Service is the local NDIS Partner in the Wimmera. They provide Local Area Coordination (LAC) in the Wimmera South West for some participants. Horsham Rural City Council is not an NDIS provider. More information on NDIS within the Wimmera is available at the Latrobe Community Health Service website or call 1800 242 696.

NDIS Provider Finder

Follow this link to go to the NDIS Provider Finder

You can use the search function (Suburb / Postcode) to search for providers in the Horsham area. 

7. Assistive Hearing Technology

Council offers assistive hearing technology at Horsham Town Hall, Civic Centre customer service desk and Horsham Visitor Information Centre.

Hearing Loop Instructions for the Civic Centre Video

Desktop hearing shuttles

Desktop hearing shuttles are located at the Horsham Town Hall, Civic Centre Customer Service desk and the Horsham Visitor Information Centre. People with a cochlear implant or hearing aid can activate the T switch and connect to the hearing shuttle to allow for clearer sound as it blocks out the background noise.

Hearing Assistance Desktop Shuttles Video


Headphone and transistor

Horsham Town Hall has an induction loop system or a hearing loop system that offers assistive listening system for people who use a hearing aid or cochlear implant or are hard of hearing.

Hearing Assistance Headphone and Transistor Video

Neck loop and transistor

Horsham Town Hall has an induction loop system or a hearing loop system that offers assistive listening system for people affected by forms of hearing impairment particularly those who use a hearing aid or cochlear implant or hard of hearing.

Hearing Assistance Neck Loop and Transistor Video

8. Accessible Parking 

Victoria has changed to a new Accessible Parking Permit (APP) Scheme with online applications and renewals.

Council has switched to the new APP Scheme. Our residents and organisations who require a new permit, or need to renew or replace a permit, will need to apply with the new application process.

The new APP Scheme streamlines the application process, making it easier, simpler and consistent across the state.

How to Apply

Individual applicant – renewing or applying for a new permit

1. Start your application online at accessibleparking.vic.gov.au

2. You’ll receive an application reference number via SMS

3. Take your reference number to your GP or occupational therapist

4. Your GP or occupational therapist will complete an online assessment and submit your application

5. Your local council will review the application

6. If your application is successful, you’ll receive your permit in the mail.

Please contact our customer service staff if you require further information or assistance.

Horsham CBD Disabled Parking Map

Accesible Parking.JPG


9. Companion Card

Companion Card promotes the rights of people with a disability, who require a companion, to fair ticketing at events and venues. Companion card is a National program administered by the state you live in.

To be eligible for a Victorian Companion Card, the person must:

  • Be a permanent resident of Australia, residing in Victoria

  • Demonstrate that they have a significant, permanent disability

  • Demonstrate that, due to the impact of the disability, they would be unable to participate at most community activities without attendant care support

  • Demonstrate that the need for this level of attendant care will be life-long.

More information:

Carers Victoria website

Information Line 1800 650 611

Email: companioncard@dhhs.vic.gov.au

10. Accessible Water Craft Launching Pontoon

The pontoon is located at the eastern end of Baillie Street adjacent to the helipad area on the Wimmera River. It provides safe and easy access to the water and incorporates a wheelchair access platform, allowing a person easy and stable access to their water craft.

Map showing location of pontoon