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Horsham Rural City Council has extensive natural and cultural heritage, which characterises its rural landscape and towns. The region’s heritage provides a sense of place and reflects the diversity of the Horsham district and it is important to both recognise and protect these Heritage places. These Heritage places are protected through the Heritage Overlay(PDF, 102KB) and the Design and Development Overlay(PDF, 88KB) (Schedule 5 & 6) under the Horsham Planning Scheme, or are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.



Existing Heritage Places
Historical Heritage Studies

Andrew Ward's Limited Heritage Study for the Rural City of Horsham(PDF, 30MB) (1998) identified multiple buildings with Heritage Significance which have been recognised and protected and continue to provide a sense of place.

Since then, Council has undertaken the Horsham Heritage Study (2014) to identify, assess and document places of cultural heritage significance and to make recommendations for the conservation of these places. As some time has passed since the study, Council is currently reviewing the study and will make the applicable changes at the completion of the review.

The study included:

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

A Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is a written report prepared by a Heritage Adviser/Consultant. It contains results of an assessment of the potential impact of a proposed activity on Aboriginal Cultural Heritage. The plan outlines measures to be taken before, during and after an activity in order to manage and protect Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in the activity area.

A Cultural Heritage Management Plan is required when high impact activities are planned in an area of Cultural Heritage sensitivity, as defined by the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007.

For further information on Cultural Heritage Management Plans, including the online Cultural Heritage sensitivity map and Aboriginal Heritage Planning tool, please visit Cultural Heritage Management Plans.