Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

A young girl in a wheel chair smiling

Horsham and district people with disability contribute so much to our community – they are workers, students, mentors, advocates, partners, sports stars, business leaders and so much more.

We have a vision that our municipality is an inclusive place for people with disability, so they can participate, thrive and reach their full potential.

We’re currently creating a new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2023-2026 that will guide us in how we can meet this vision over the next four years. Council has endorsed a draft plan. The plan aims to reduce barriers and increase inclusion and participation for people with disability in Horsham Rural City.

The plan was developed between July and October 2022. Projectura were engaged to engage with the community and develop the action plan.

During the development 112 people contributed to the Plan through a range of engagement opportunities including workshops, online surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Horsham Rural City Council has sought submissions from community members on the draft plan. There was a four week consultation period between Monday 6 February and Monday 6 March.

Submissions are now being evaluated and a final version will be prepared for Council to consider for adoption.