The Station Youth Centre Redevelopment Stage 2


The Station Youth Centre is a multi-purpose, youth friendly hub where young people and the wider community can participate in a range of activities and services.

The Stage 2 project will fully activate ‘The Station’ providing a large indoor/outdoor space that is safe, and has improved accessibility.

COVID emphasised the need for a youth focused outdoor space and the Youth Council noted their desire to have a safe, public space for gatherings. Stage 2 of the redevelopment reflects this local need and when completed will greatly enhance the socialisation and recreation opportunities for our young people.

The demolition of the old house will also create safe public access to the rear section of site completed in 2021. The location of The Station in the CAD also means that the upgraded venue supports activities within the CAD, drawing people to this area, and supporting the local hospitality industry. The Station will be one element of a vibrant CAD post COVID.

Council for the first time received funding through FReeZA and Engage! programs for 2022-2024. The next two years will be an exciting time for the Youth Council to plan activities, with many to be based at The Station.

The Station plays an important role in supporting the mental health of young people, providing a safe space for young people to ‘hang-out’ with mates. The accessibility and gender neutral elements of the project will enhance the feeling of belonging and inclusiveness for young people living with a disability or who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community.

The project will deliver the following outcomes of the funding program:

  • Improved community perceptions of The Station including the public amenity
  • Increased community activities provided by the public open space area
  • Increased participation by young people living with a disability – with improved amenities
  • Enhanced social cohesion, in particular providing a safe, inclusive space for members of the multi-cultural youth group and the Rainbow (LGBTQIA+) group
  • Increase in community use in the public opening space - a green oasis in the middle of the CAD.