Advocacy Priorities

Advocating for Horsham Rural City

A key role of Horsham Rural City Council is to advocate to government and private sector investors for support for priority projects. This advocacy work helps Council achieve its vision for a vibrant, inclusive community. Large, transformational projects cannot be solely funded through Council’s revenue streams and require significant investment, particularly by State and Federal Governments.

Council has a suite of projects that it is actively advocating for, from ‘shovel ready’ through to those in early stages of planning. These projects represent Council’s long term planning in action, recognizing what Horsham Rural City needs now and into the future.

Our vision

We want to make Horsham Rural City a vibrant, inclusive community to live, work, play and invest. We aim to do this by developing responsive services and quality infrastructure that enhance our economy, livability and natural environment. Horsham is the heart of the Wimmera and supports the region’s economy and communities. A strong and vibrant regional city will support a strong and vibrant Wimmera region. The success of the City is linked to its rich history, strong community and resilient economy.

Horsham Rural City Council has developed an Advocacy Priorities prospectus that is regularly reviewed and updated. The major projects outlined focus on improvements which support livability and economic resilience. Each project will promote the attraction and retention of population and investment preserving the City’s critical role for Horsham and the Wimmera region.

Read about Council's current advocacy priorities:

 HRCC-Advocacy-booklet.pdf(PDF, 10MB)

HRCC-Advocacy-–-Investment-ready-priorities.pdf(PDF, 4MB)