Creative Horsham Plan



Council is currently developing its Creative Horsham Plan that will prioritise our arts and cultural resources toward responding to the Community’s vision for Horsham to be a vibrant, liveable hub that thrives on strong economic growth and social connectedness.

Creative Horsham will be a high level, goal driven, outcome focussed strategic planning document that is deeply connected to other areas of Council’s Plans and work while empowering community to live, work and access opportunities for arts and culture, now and into the future.

Council have engaged Regional Arts Victoria (RAV) as consultant to the project and will be working in partnership with Barengi Gadjin Land Council as Cultural Consultants to the Project.

Creative Horsham Project Delivery

Stage 1 (2019 - June 2021) Engagement thus far have revealed the five themes within the Creative Horsham Plan:

• Destination                           Things to see and do in Horsham

• Participation                         The way we make, do or see art and culture

• Venues                                 Our places of Arts and Culture serving Community

• Partnerships                         Who we make Arts and Culture with

• Communication                    How we tell our stories

The four principles that will drive the actions within the plan are – Inclusion, Reconciliation, Innovation, and Partnership.

Stage 2 Community Engagement (June - November, 2021)

Council and RAV have extensively consulted with our community from through a variety of means. There has been over 600 people engagements/attendances to date through:

  • Horsham Talks Expo (Jun)
  • 19 direct 1:1  (Jun-Jul)
  • Creative Industries Survey (Aug-Sept)
  • Policy Scan (Oct)
  • Destination Survey (Nov)
  • 8  Community Conversation events (Nov)Internal and external engagement with key groups not captured in other work including First Nations, youth, multicultural groups, progress committees and  internal Council departments and leadership. (Nov)

If you would like further information please contact the Creative Horsham project manager.
Ph: 0417 871 076

Stage 3 and 4 Draft and Final Plan

March   2022                                      Draft Creative Horsham Plan for comment.  

May       2022                                       Final Creative Horsham Plan adopted.  

Image below: “Nurrabiel” 2021 by local artist Stacey Rees. Jos Lane, Horsham.

A landscape mural on the wall of an alley way