Natimuk Economic and Social Plan

A harvester working in front of the cliffs of Mount Arapiles

The Natimuk Economic and Social Plan aims to address issues and concerns within the community and create a plan to improve the economy and liveability within the town.

Over the past two years Covid 19 has impacted the economy and social connectedness within Natimuk. Prior to Covid 19 the town was a popular tourist destination and had a thriving arts community. The Natimuk Economic and Social Plan will respond with innovation and vision to meet the challenges within the Tourism and Arts Sector along with the wellbeing of the general community brought about by Covid.

Following a period of public engagement, a Draft Natimuk Economic and Social Plan 2022 was produced, and has now been adopted by Council.  

Draft Natimuk Economic and Social Plan 2022(PDF, 2MB)

Feedback on Draft Plan

Council collected feedback regarding the draft three-year plan during July and August. The engagement period is now closed, Council has assessed the submissions provided and adopted the plan. 

Community Reference Group

A Community Reference Group (CRG) for this project was established that consists of community members from Natimuk and surrounds. 

The Reference Group used community feedback it gathered to help inform the Draft Plan.  

The CRG members are: D’arcy Molan, Rob Grenfell, Brenda Strudwick, Leeanne Lindorff and Owen Pietsch.


An Issues and Opportunity Paper(PDF, 792KB) was also developed to provide background information.