Cold Weather Policy - Horsham Aquatic Centre

Published on 24 November 2022

Outdoor Pool Horsham Aquatic Centre

With summer just around the corner, a day at the pool may be on your to-do list.

However, with recent cold weather patterns, the outdoor pool at the Aquatic Centre has been unexpectedly closed for one or more days at a time.

Consideration for closing the outdoor pool is made when the weather forecast, on the previous afternoon, indicates a maximum of 24 degrees or lower. 

  • If a temperature of 24 degrees or lower is forecast the day before then the outdoor pool will be closed after 8am
  • At opening, if the forecast is 25 degrees or higher with a cool change, the outdoor pool may be closed early at the Managers discretion. 

The outdoor pool will continue to open between 6am and 8am. 

Please be respectful of decisions made to close the pool, as these decisions are based on weather patterns. 

If you do chose to swim in the outdoor pool when it is open, please be mindful of the dangers of swimming in cold water. 

The Horsham Aquatic Centre has the alternate option of the indoor pool, which can be more appropriate on cold weather days. 


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