Horsham elects Youth Council

Published on 22 June 2023

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Seven young people under the age of 17 have been announced as the successful candidates of Horsham’s 2023 Youth Council elections. 

The announcement is the culmination of an election campaign as part of Young Mayors, a program run by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) in partnership with councils to back young people to make change through active participation in local government.

A total of 616 votes were cast by young people under 17, for 10 candidates in polling stations in schools and community spaces over the past week. 

“Young people in Horsham have shown us this week that they are not disengaged in politics and their community, and when empowered with a platform to have their say, they make it count,” Mayor Robyn Gulline said. 

“Congratulations to all who campaigned, and to those who have been elected - Horsham Rural City Council is looking forward to working with you all.” 

This newly elected Youth Council will champion the needs and views of all young people in Horsham. They will ensure young people they serve have a voice in the community in improving services, and positively influencing key decisions on local issues. 

Young people have voted, and now the Youth Council has a mandate to engage with young people beyond those in the room. This is particularly important given the limited diversity around the table, FYA’s Young Mayors Director, Tahlia Azaria said. 

“Issues of diversity are a national issue. A key goal of the pilot across the country will be to trial new approaches to strengthen gender inclusion over the next year and ensure that all young people feel empowered to put their hand up, and make their voices heard,” Ms Azaria said.

The 2023 Horsham Youth Council:

  • Liam Carracher
  • William Schache
  • Ryder Reid
  • Logan Henskes
  • Tom Luke
  • Shivanash Bhutani
  • Charlie Murray
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