Updated road closures

Published on 17 November 2022

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  • Dahlen Quarry Rd (Courtneys Road to Nattrass Road)
  • Rees Road (Dunstans Road to Black Range Road)
  • Downies Lane (Jallumba-Mockinya Rd to Red Rock Rd)
  • Rocklands-Cherrypool Rd
  • O’Biernes Rd
  • Mackies Road (Lahurum Rd to Peuckers Rd)
  • Langs Rd


  • Byrnes Rd
  • Rifle Butts Rd
  • Ellis Rd (West Wail Rd to Hinnebergs Rd)
  • Brimpaen Laharum Rd (Northern Grampians Rd to Henty Hwy)
  • Northern Grampians Rd (south of Wartook)
  • Longerong Rd (Drung Jung intersection to Murtoa-Glenorcy Rd) - SPEED RESTRICTIONS IN PLACE
  • Heards Rd
  • Walters Rd (West Wail Rd to Hinnebergs Rd)
  • Horsham Lubeck Rd
  • Horsham Wal Wal Rd
  • Peppertree Lane (Trinity Drive to Pryors Rd)
  • Rokeskys Rd (at Horsham-Lubeck Rd)
  • Riverside East Rd (at Horsham-Lubeck Rd)
  • Riverside Rd (at Dooen Rd)
  • Drung Jung Road
  • North East Wonwondah Rd (between Henty Hwy and Laharum Rd)
  • Lanes Rd (Wonwondah/Toolondo Rd to Rifle Butts Rd)
  • Wondwondah-Toolondo Rd
  • Plush Hannans Rd
  • Clear Lake-Sherwoods Dam RdHorsham-Noradjuha Rd (Three Bridges Rd to Noradjuha)
  • Mervyn Rd (West Wail Rd to Hinnebergs Rd)
  • Petrie Lane, Horsham
  • Old Wartook Rd (Green Lake Rd to Laharum Rd)
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