Rates and Charges



General Rates

All Councils in Australia charge property rates.  They provide Council with the money that is needed to pay for a broad range of services, programs, facilities and infrastructure from parks and playgrounds to roads and immunisations. 

Ever wondered how your rates are spent? Here’s a snapshot(PDF, 1MB) of what you will get for every $100 Council spends in 2019/2020.

Rates are levied on each property based on its Capital Improved Value, being the market value of the property including land and all improvements, but not including chattels, furniture and fittings (check the related Valuations page to see how Capital Improved Valuations are determined).

Rates on a property are calculated by multiplying the Capital Improved Value by the applicable rate in the dollar.  The rate in the dollar used is determined by the Valuer's classification of the property and Council's rate strategy. The annual rate notice for a property will show the classification and the applicable rate in the dollar.

  • Residential Rate in the Dollar:      0.005263 cents
  • Farm Rate in the Dollar:                 0.003527 cents (67% differential)
  • Commercial Rate in the Dollar:    0.005000 cents (95% differential)
  • Industrial Rate in the Dollar:          0.005000 cents (95% differential)

Municipal Charge

A municipal charge of $280.00 is levied on all rateable properties, with exemptions applicable where more than one farming property makes up a single farming enterprise operated by the same person or persons.  Farmers can apply for an exemption from paying more than one municipal charge with the Single Farming Enterprise form below. Where a farming enterprise consists of more than one dwelling, a municipal charge is applicable to every additional dwelling.

Single Farming Enterprise Form.pdf(PDF, 403KB)

Garbage Charges

Garbage charges for the collection and disposal of domestic refuse are levied on all residential properties in the Horsham and Natimuk townships, according to the capacity of garbage bins selected by owners, at the following annual charges per bin:

Type of Charge



 Urban 240 Litre Bin      $394      $402
 Urban 120 Litre Bin      $253      $258
 Rural 240 Litre Bin        $365      $372
 Rural 120 Litre Bin      $224      $228
 Commercial 120 Litre Bin       $365      $372
 Commercial 240 Litre Bin      $382      $390
 Commercial Recycling Bin only                    $136      $139 


The urban and commercial bin charges include one 240 litre recycling bin service collected fortnightly in serviced areas.  Replacement of lost, stolen or damaged bins may be at a cost to property owners or occupiers.  You can upsize, downsize or replace your current garbage bin by completing the form.

The larger increase in the Urban (240L and 120L bins) as well as Commercial Recycling (only) charge is a result of the Victorian wide recycling crisis, which has increased the costs associated with processing recycled materials. Previously, Council's collection contractor received a fee to deliver recyclable materials to the gate of their processor - but now they have to pay for it to be processed.

Further information on Council's transfer stations is available here.

Pensioner Concession

A maximum rebate of $315.15 on your rates is available upon application to eligible pensioners for their principal place of residence.

To claim a concession on your rates and charges you must ensure that:

  • You have one of the eligible concession cards and it is valid at the time of application
  • You are the person responsible for payment of the rate account
  • Your name is on the rate account
  • Your name and address on the rate account matches that on the concession card

Click here to view a full list of pension concessions, benefits and assistance available to Victorians.

To claim a concession on your rates you will need to complete an application form at the Council Offices and present your current concession card.  Having been granted a rate concession, no further applications are required unless you change your residential address. 

Fire Services Property Levy

The Victorian Government introduced a property based fire levy from 1 July 2013 in response to the recommendations from the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission.  

For more information on the fire services levy and frequently asked questions click here.

Due Dates

In Full by 15 February 2021 OR

Four Instalments over the year as follows:

  • 1st Instalment:     30 September 2020
  • 2nd Instalment:   30 November 2020
  • 3rd Instalment:    1 March 2021
  • 4th Instalment:    31 May 2021

If the first instalment is not paid by the first instalment due date then you will automatically be required to pay your rates in full by 15 February 2021.  Notices for the second, third and fourth instalments will be forwarded at least 14 days prior to the due dates.  Please note that the first instalment includes any arrears and interest.

How to Make a Payment

In Person
At the Council Office in Horsham - 18 Roberts Avenue, Horsham
At the Council Office in Natimuk (Thursdays 9-12 only) - 62 Main Street, Natimuk
At any Australian Post Office

By Telephone
Call Postbillpay on 13 18 16

By Mail
Post your payment to PO Box 511, Horsham, Victoria, 3402

By Internet
Postbillpay - Use Biller Code: 2315
BPay - Use Biller Code: 87221

Centrepay Deductions
Centrepay enables Centrelink customers to pay a portion of their rates on a fortnightly basis as a direct debit deduction from their fortnightly income. For more information, please click here. 

To set up a Centrepay Deduction, please complete the Centrepay Deduction Application Form

Or complete the Printable Centrepay Deduction Application Form

Electronic Delivery of Rate Notices

You can choose to receive your rate notices electronically using either methods below.  A paper copy of the notice will no longer be sent in the mail once you have registered for an electronic notice.

BPay View
You can apply through your online banking to receive your rate notices via your online banking account.  Click here for more information on BPay View

Receive Your Rate Notices via Email
Register at hrcc.enotices.com.au to receive your future rate notices by email.

Interest and Penalties

Rates are levied annually.  They must be paid in four instalments or as a lump sum.  Details and payment options are on the rate notice.

Unpaid Rates

Unpaid rates remain a debt on the property, regardless of any change of ownership.  If rates or charges remain overdue for more than three years without an arrangement made with Council, a court order may be obtained to either sell, or assume ownership of the land to recover the debt.

Penalty Interest

If you are issued with a rate notice you should make sure you give it prompt attention.  Council charges penalty interest on unpaid rates and charges in accordance with the Local Government Act 1989 and the Penalty Interest Rates Act 1983.

Financial Hardship

You may apply to Council with the form below if you believe that you will suffer genuine financial hardship by paying your rates.  For more information, see our Rates and Charges Financial Hardship Policy below.

Rates and Charges Financial Hardship Policy(PDF, 320KB)

Rates and Charges Application Form(PDF, 98KB)

Rates Strategy

For more information on the policies and principles of our rating system see Council's rating strategy below.

2019-2023 Rates Strategy(PDF, 906KB)

Request a Rates Notice Reprint

Due to privacy laws, you must be the property owner to obtain the property's rate notice or any other property and/or rates information. We are unable to discuss a rates account if you are a spouse, partner or other family member.

To get a rate notice reprint, you will need to tell us:

  • which property you need a reprint for, and
  • your full name, contact number, email address and date of birth

Request a copy of your rates notice

Land Information Certificates

To apply directly with our office for a Land Information Certificate please use this Property Enquiry Application Form(PDF, 221KB)