Building Permits



The Building Act states that the Permit must be issued before commencement of the building work. A Building Permit ensures that structures are built to an acceptable and safe standard, in accordance with building regulations.

Failure to obtain the necessary Building Permit is a serious matter and offenders may be prosecuted.

When do you need a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is required for all major building projects including new homes, home extensions, garages and commercial projects. A Permit is also required for many small projects including sheds, retaining walls, fences, decks, carports, verandahs, swimming pools and spas.

Building Permits may be required for these projects regardless of the cost of the building project. To confirm if a particular building project requires a permit, visit the Horsham Rural City Council Building Department, Civic Centre, Roberts Avenue, Horsham, or call/email on 03 5382 9796 /  Please provide a detailed floor plan, site plan, and copy of title for assessment and advice.

How do I get a Building Permit?

A Building Surveyor is responsible for issuing a Building Permit at the commencement of a building project.  The surveyor should be engaged at the very start of the process, and can advise on documentation necessary to obtain the Permit.

After the Building Permit is issued, the building surveyor will carry out a series of inspections at different stages throughout the project to ensure that the building work meets minimum standards.

What fees will I pay?

Fees for building permits are required as part of the application process under the Building Act. These fees are required to be paid at the time of lodgement of the application.  Please contact Council's building department for advice on your project's building fees.

Lodge a Building Permit Application online

Once you have the required information, you can Apply Online for a Building Permit