Draft Budget 2023-2024

The Draft Budget 2023-2024 is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 2020 and involves a process of consultation and discussion with Council Officers and Councillors. The document aligns with the objectives of the Council Plan 2021-2025 and was prepared with reference to the Annual Action Plan Year 2: 2023-2024 which was recently finalised following feedback from the community.

The Revenue and Rating Plan 2021-2024 has also been revised to incorporate some minor changes as a result of the budget development process. These changes reflect the consideration given to the differentials and Municipal Charge within the Budget, and to reflect the increase in the Council component of the Pensioner Concession.

Both documents are now presented for community inspection with community able to provide comment until 5 pm, Friday 9 June 2023 via council@hrcc.vic.gov.au or in writing to 'Draft Budget 2023-2024', PO Box 511, HORSHAM VIC, 3402. The final budget will be presented to Council in June 2023.

A paper copy of the draft Budget 2023-2024 and revised Revenue and Rating Strategy can be viewed at Council reception.

Download the Draft Budget 2023-2024(PDF, 5MB)

Download the Revised Revenue and Rating Plan 2021-2024(PDF, 1MB)
(PDF, 1MB)