Planning to upgrade pathways and crossings

a pedestrian crossing in a shopping area

Accessible pathways and crossings ensure that all people can get places via active transport methods such as walking, riding or wheeling in a safe and easy way.

We want to hear from the community about areas around Horsham Rural City that need improved pathways or crossings to increase accessibility, ease of travel and pedestrian safety.

The information you provide will assist Council to develop a Pathways and Crossings Plan to guide investment in priority projects.

Project implementation will occur over a number of years, in an incremental way. The costs associated with upgrading footpaths means it is not feasible to complete all of the upgrades immediately. 

Provide feedback via the Interactive Map here

Instructions to use POZI engagement map

Instructions to use POZI engagement map

If you are having issues providing feedback on the map, please call 5382 9777.

When you click the link our map will open and look like this.

Map of Horsham urban area


Use the mouse to zoom in and click and hold to move the map until you can see the path or crossing you want to comment on.

Map of Horsham West


Click the '+' in the bottom right hand corner of the map then click on the path or crossing you want to comment on.

Pozi instructions


Fill in the form on the left hand side and click 'submit'.

You can also 'like' or comment on other comments on the map by clicking on any 'tag' on the map and select 'ADD LIKE/COMMENT'.


Our commitment

Horsham Rural City Council will meet community needs through connected transport networks and the provision of accessible and welcoming places and spaces.

Ensure a safe and connected transport network including active transport.

Planning for places and spaces to provide connectedness and social inclusion.