Horsham Nature and Water Play Park

Horsham Rural City Council has secured $2.45 million from State and Federal Governments to fully fund the region’s first Nature and Water Play Park. This project is the second funded stage of the Riverfront Activation Project.

Funding provided for the project:

  • Sport and Recreation Victoria Stimulus program $2,100,000
  • Australian Government Local Roads and Community Infrastructure program $350,000

Located at Horsham’s riverfront precinct near the rowing club, the park will be free and accessible for all ages and capabilities, all year round.

The Nature and Water Play Park will include a gently flowing water course, manually operated hand pumps, systems of adjustable dams and weirs, spray heads and pop jets – suited to operation by children of all ages. There will also be play elements that can be used all year without water flow, including small boulders for climbing, logs for balancing, stones for jumping along and sand pits.

The project is not a large aquatic splash park with bright plastic slides and other man-made elements. Our community told us through the engagement process that they wanted the Wimmera River’s natural beauty retained and the Nature and Water Play park will reflect this.

Construction of the new park is scheduled to start in February 2022 and will take about 12 months to complete.

Further information elements can be found in the design document. Because elements will be specially built for our park images and drawings are only of similar types of equipment and are not exactly what is planned for the park.

Nature and Water Play Park Design