Art Matters set for transition

Published on 28 November 2019

Art Matters group

Art Matters will enter a new chapter next year when Centre for Participation takes over from Horsham Rural City Council (HRCC) as the disability program’s manager.

HRCC developed Art Matters following the 2015 Art Is… Festival which identified a gap for people living with a disability to access meaningful arts participation post the demise of the Awakenings Festival in 2012.

Director Community Wellbeing Kevin O’Brien said Council was confident of continued success following the transition to Centre for Participation.

“Art Matters highlights the role Council can play in identifying a gap, developing a solution and then transitioning to a group for service delivery,” Mr O’Brien said.

“There is a natural fit with Centre for Participation which has a history of strengthening the capacity of our community and changing lives,” he said. 

Mr O’Brien said since its inception in 2016, Art Matters had successfully transitioned into the NDIS environment and now offered four different programs to the community.

“It is wonderful to see the development of the artists participating in the program over the years,” he said.

Centre for Participation Chief Executive Officer Julie Pettett echoed the importance of the program to the community.

“For over 30 years, we’ve focused on supporting people to get involved, responding to local needs, and creating a strong and thriving communities. Supporting Art Matters to grow will enable those people in the community who aspire to work in the arts a critical pathway into the sector,” Ms Pettett said.

“At the Centre for Participation we change lives and communities through local opportunities in learning, volunteering, community support and partnerships.”

“Continuing to build on the work the Horsham Rural City Council has done over the past three years will enable people with a disability to participate fully in the life they want to lead.

“We are extremely excited about Art Matters future direction and to build on the strong platform the Council has built until this point,” she said. 

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