Council commits to 2020 Country Music Festival

Published on 06 June 2019

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Horsham Rural City Council has committed financial support to help keep the Horsham Country Music Festival running.

This year was to be the popular festival's last hurrah, however it will now continue for the next three years after a partnership agreement with the Horsham Sports and Community Club.

At Monday’s May Ordinary Meeting, Councillors passed a recommendation to contribute $5000 to assist with the 2020 Festival.

“It is fantastic news that the Festival will have a second chance,” Festival Committee Secretary Lyall Wheaton said.

“Some age and health issues amongst the Committee had prompted the difficult decision, earlier this year, to discontinue the Festival,” he said.

Thanks to the life line provided by Horsham Rural City Council and the Horsham Sports and Community Club the Festival will be re born.”

Councillors agreed the financial contribution would be for one year only, with the expectation that the Festival would generate enough revenue to support its long-term existence.

Mr Wheaton said the Committee had provisionally engaged artists for the proposed dates of March 26 to 29, 2020.

He said the artist line up, at this stage, would be Joy Adams from New Zealand, Peter Coad and the Coad Sisters, Dwayne Elix, Johanna Hemara,  Stephen R Cheney and Brian Letton from New South Wales, Kiara Rodrigues and Don Costa from Queensland and Justin Standley, Sandie Dodd and Venessa Warra from Victoria.

The Backing Band will be The New Deal with Allan Carroll as MC. 

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