Cr Les Power: A boost for our spirits

Published on 10 September 2021

Cr Les Power

It is great to see the easing of restrictions for Regional Victoria. You can already notice that people's spirits have been lifted.

But it is still really tough for families at the moment. That includes parents and their kids. It seems like we are really lacking the social outlets that we all enjoy.

This time of the year is when are winter sporting competitions would normally be playing finals. I really feel for the families impacted by the lack of sport, especially juniors. Some may never return to playing their chosen game.

Of course, not everyone uses sport as their recreation. Those who enjoy getting out and doing various activities are also struggling.

On a positive note, the start of spring has put on some glorious weather, it had been so great to enjoy some sunshine, warmth and fresh air.

It is also great to see that more hospitality businesses are having new outdoor dining infrastructure installed, including umbrella sockets and/or glass wind protection barriers.

All 33 projects are being funded from both the Victorian Government’s outdoor dining package and Council’s own COVID support program included in last year’s budget, with a combined total in excess of $1 million.

Inglorious Pastas, Norton Estate, Natimuk Showgrounds, Natimuk Milk Bar, Domino’s, National Hotel, the Wander Inn and Moe’s are some of the places to benefit in recent weeks.

This is great to see, as we are a regional city and need to lead the way when it comes to recovering from the pandemic.

While we continue to face challenges, we need to stay committed to our cause in emerging from each lockdown, stronger and ready to keep moving forward.

We need to continue to do the right thing, be kind to each other, stay socially distanced, get vaccinated if we can and hopefully we can all be back together very soon.