Extra bus services welcomed

Published on 29 January 2020

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Horsham Rural City Council Mayor Mark Radford has welcomed the Victorian Government’s upgrade of the city’s urban bus services.

Minister for Public Transport Melissa Horne visited Horsham on Wednesday to see the new network in action – which includes 96 additional services per week that start earlier and run later, provide better access to key Horsham destinations and more frequent direct journeys.

The improvements to the bus network have consolidated the city’s existing seven routes into four higher-frequency routes, which will operate for longer each day than previous services.

Access to important local destinations including the Horsham Aquatic Centre, Kalkee Road Children’s and Community Centre, Federation University and the Wimmera Base Hospital will be improved thanks to the more frequent and direct services.

Later weekday services will also help some Horsham students get home after extra-curricular activities and allow people to shop in the city after work before heading home.

“It was good to have the Transport Minister in Horsham, announcing valuable enhancements that will improve transport options for Horsham people. We certainly appreciate the funding,” Cr Radford said.

“The local bus network has received a welcome boost. The longer operating hours, more services and new bus stops will create good opportunities for people to consider “the commute” to work.

“Already, we have staff members at Council who are using the new services to commute to work which is great.

“Give it a try, would be my advice.”

Cr Radford said he looked forward to future discussions with Ms Horne about public transport in the Wimmera.

“The advocacy for added public transport options for people to travel to and from the Wimmera will continue into the future,” he said.

The updated urban bus timetable is available at www.ptv.vic.gov.au.

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