Memorial plaque to be moved

Published on 10 October 2023

Horsham Rail Disaster Plaque.jpg

Horsham Rural City Council is planning to relocate a memorial plaque at the site of a Wimmera transport disaster.

Eleven people were killed in 1951 when a tour bus and freight train collided at the former Carpolac line level crossing on Dimboola Road.

A memorial plaque was laid at a ceremony in 2007 and recognises the memory of those killed on the bus as well as the citizens of Horsham, who were involved in the rescue and transportation of the injured to hospital.

A family member of a New South Wales couple killed in the crash contacted HRCC to discuss the possibility of moving the roadside plaque to a more suitable spot nearby.

Following consultation with Horsham Historical Society, Council is now planning to move the plaque and the stone it is mounted on in the coming weeks.

It will be placed in more pleasant surrounds about 20 metres away on the north side of Dimboola Road, near a landscaped area that was developed in 2019. 

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