New city sculpture to represent Horsham

Published on 13 May 2022


The Wimmera landscape and Horsham’s post-settlement history have influenced the design of a bold new city sculpture to be erected over the coming weeks.

The six-metre interpretive structure will stand proudly on the edge of Sawyer Park and welcome visitors and residents travelling via the Western Highway and O’Callaghans Parade.

Foundation works started this week and the project is due to be finished next month.

Mayor Robyn Gulline said the objective of the project was to communicate the vision of Horsham as a regional city dedicated to supporting the values of sustainability, the environment, agriculture, and its people.

“The sculpture will feature four blade-shaped and individually coloured structures, representing sky, land, light and shade,” Cr Gulline said.

“It will reflect the character of the Wimmera, taking inspiration from agriculture and the native flora of the region,” she said.

Stencilling, historically used on wheat and wool bales, will take the form of laser cut transparent words that will encourage people to investigate the sculpture’s details that are inscribed on the back of the blades.

Featured stories include ‘Sawyer Bricks’, about a local family who ran a brick manufacturing business near the site and who Sawyer Park is named after.

‘Ebb and Flow’ tells a story of the river. ‘Crate Pool’ recalls an early swimming area on the river and ‘Horsham Vision’ outlines plans for the city’s future.    

Landscaping and accessible paths will be built around the sculpture once it’s completed.

New entry signage on the fringes of Horsham will follow later in the year on the Western Highway (both entries Melbourne and Adelaide) along with updated signage along the riverfront.

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