Outdoor pool redevelopment works on track

Published on 12 July 2019

Outdoor pool works .jpg

Horsham Aquatic Centre’s outdoor pool upgrade is on track to be completed by December 2019.

The upgrade is a part of the project's second stage, which includes improvements to the wet deck guttering system, alterations to the pool's shell and a universal access ramp.

Horsham Rural City Council Project manager Madelein Van Heerden said the Olympic Swimming Pool Redevelopment Project was progressing well ahead of the upcoming summer.

“In recent weeks contractors have filled in the deep end of the pool with a new concrete slab base – reducing the depth from three to two metres,” Ms van Heerden said.

“This week, the hob around all four sides of the pool will be removed and the concourse will be partially opened around the perimeter of the pool to reveal the underground piping, allowing cracks and breakages to be addressed.

“Following work on the concourse an underground ballast tank will be installed in the area between the new filters and the pool,” she said.

Signs showing construction timelines are located along O’Callaghans Parade, the south-west corner of the pool complex and in the Aquatic centre. As work is completed, images will be added to the signs so people can follow the construction and rehabilitation works.

“The large sign on the fence along O’Callaghan’s Parade has been placed near the area that provides the best viewing option to follow works occurring on the pool,” Ms van Heerden said.

“People are encouraged to look through the fence and watch the works as the project progresses.”

Stage one of the project, which involved filter system upgrades, was completed last year. 


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