Project update: Hamilton Street pedestrian bridge

Published on 16 September 2022

Hamilton Street Bridge design drawing.png

Horsham’s second pedestrian bridge across the Wimmera River is on track to be completed by the end of March 2023. 

The 74-metre cable-stay bridge will link Hamilton Street between Coughlin Park and the Showgrounds with the expanding Waterlinks Estate on the river’s eastern bank.

Project update

When will onsite works start? Late October.

When will the bridge be erected? Works will start on the footings in November. Contractor Fleetwood Urban will begin assembling the bridge’s components offsite in New South Wales from December and it will arrive in Horsham by February.

When will it be finished? End of March 2023.

What are the specifications? The bridge itself is 74 metres wide with 30 metres of approach boardwalk on the west side and 34m on the east side.  It will sport two 15-metre high ‘A’ Frames at each end with eight high tensile tension rods coming off the frames. With 2.5m between the stainless steel handrails, painted steel (colours to be confirmed) and lighting this will be a spectacular looking bridge.

What community consultation is happening? Council is working with nearby landowners to ensure their privacy is maintained. In particular, designers want to make sure the bridge’s lighting does not spill into adjoining properties. Nearby residents are also helping Council narrow down a list of potential colours.  Once the shortlist is finalised, the public will have the chance to help decide what colour the new pedestrian bridge will be painted. Online and hard copy feedback forms will soon be available.

Hamilton Street Bridge imposed over river.png

A digital impression of how the bridge will span the Wimmera River. 

Frequently asked questions

How will it benefit Horsham?

The pedestrian bridge will link the newly developed residential areas on the south-east side of the Wimmera River with Horsham’s central activity district, several schools and the Wimmera Base Hospital, and provide improved economic, safety, recreational and liveability outcomes for our city.

It will also link to existing walking trails along the Wimmera River. Combined with the existing Anzac Centenary Bridge, it will provide a continuous 10km loop along the river foreshore that will be ideal for walking and running events.

How is it being funded?

HRCC successfully applied for $1.225 million from the Victorian Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund, adding to the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure contribution.

It means the entire project’s construction will be funded at no cost to our ratepayers.

Why not a road bridge?

The pedestrian bridge’s construction does not mean that planning for a second road bridge across the river is off the table.

HRCC is currently working with Regional Roads Victoria to develop a feasibility study for an alternative truck route through Horsham. This will include another vehicle bridge across the river at an appropriate location away from the centre of the city.

How does it differ from the Anzac Bridge?

The main difference is the engineering design. Anzac Bridge is a suspension bridge while the new structure will have a rigid cable stay connected to tall A Frames on either side.

The Hamilton Street Bridge will also feature stainless steel handrails and balustrade, while the bridge downstream is galvanised steel.

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