Rural road resheeting program in full swing

Published on 29 July 2022

Roadworks At Brimpaen

Several of Horsham Rural City Council’s gravel roads have been resheeted as part of a winter gravel road blitz, with more scheduled to be completed over coming months.

Council is responsible for a road network of 1,830 kilometres of gravel roads and resheets up to 40 kilometres of unsealed roads each year.

Road Program Team Leader Greg Munn said more than $900,000 would be spent on resheeting rural roads in 2022-2023.

“Our team has been ploughing through the work and we’re pleased to see safer, more efficient roads shaping up around the municipality,” Mr Munn said.

“We thoroughly assess the quality and depth of crushed rock on our unsealed road network to develop our road resheeting program.

“Resheeting involves applying 75 millimetres of compacted crushed rock to the road surface.

“Other works that take place in conjunction with resheeting include drainage maintenance and repairing or replacing guide posts, signs and other roadside infrastructure,” he said.

Mr Munn said Council aimed to complete the resheeting program during the wetter months. 

“We use machinery including graders, water trucks and various types of compaction equipment,” he said.

“A grader removes defects by cutting or ripping the road surface.  The pavement material is then mixed and re-formed to the correct shape (cross fall or slope) – this allows water to drain more freely off the road. The road is then compacted using a roller.

“During the drier months of the year, council concentrates its resources on our Road Construction program,” Mr Munn said. 

The following gravel roads have had works completed or underway:

  • Banyena Road, Kalkee
  • Mokepilly Road, Jung
  • Crutes Road North, St Helens Plains
  • Jung Wheat Rd, Jung

This financial year, the following roads will have works completed, including but not limited to:

  • Augheys Road
  • Banyena Road
  • Barnes Road
  • Derwent Lane
  • Derwent Lane
  • Fischer Street, Pimpinio
  • Friedmans Road
  • Grahams Bridge Road
  • Hinnebergs Road
  • Jacka Jacka Road
  • K Emmersons Road
  • Katyil Road
  • Krause Road (Dadswells Bridge)
  • Mervyn Road
  • Nattrass Road
  • Pohlners Road
  • Remlaw Station Road
  • Rich Millers Road
  • Roberts Road
  • Rosebrook-Glenisla Road
  • Snells Road
  • St Leonards Companys Bridge Road
  • Staehrs Road
  • Thamm Road
  • Watsons Lane
  • Wattle Road
  • Roy Blakes Road.
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